Removable dentures

Teeth have several duties: chewing, articulation, shaping the harmony of the face.


Replacement of missing teeth is very important, even in the case of only one missing tooth. Dentures can correct the body-operational and aesthetic problems, caused by the loss of teeth, and also prevent several undesirable changes.


Possible reasons of losing teeth:

  • dental caries
  • inflammation of the gum or parodontium
  • trauma
  • parodonthosis (when teeth are destroyed slowly)


Consequences of missing teeth:

  • reduced chewing ability
  • problems with articulation
  • aesthetical downside
  • changes in the face
  • teeth that around the surrounding area of the missing tooth start leaning and moving
  • teeth on the opposite denture start impacting
  • the rest of the teeth are overloaded; erosion of teeth
  • disorders of digestive tract


Types of tooth replacement:

  • Fitted replacements (crowns, dental bridges, jaw-based dentures)
  • Removable, non-permanent dentures (partial dentures, full dentures)


Benefits of tooth replacements:

  • optical and anatomic correction of jaws
  • correction of articulation
  • correction of appearance (cosmetic look)
  • re-construction of facial features
  • prevention of consequential health problems


Dental prosthesis, removable denture and partial denture

Due to the modern technology, dental prostheses appear real, their life-expectancy is long and do not cause any inconvenience.

When wearing prostheses, chewing ability is perfect, the position of jaws go back to normal, due to the perfect fit. The quality of a dental prosthesis greatly vary in quality when made between different dental practices.

Therefore our dentists are highly qualified, we do not make any compromise with regards to the quality, we work only with the best Euro certified materials.

Our technicians have very high standards, they advise patients on the shape and age-related colour of the teeth, we fulfil individual requirements in case of impacting or missing teeth - shaping the final form of the denture, to make it as original-looking and as natural as possible.


Removable partial dentures

Removable partial dentures are recommended if the position and number of missing teeth does not allow having a fitted replacement.

Removable partial dentures are made by a dental technician, and it will be fitted to the rest of the teeth with the help of interlocking clip or other means.

Replacing of missing teeth is not just a question of appearance, but also has important health connections.

With wearing dental replacements patients' chewing ability and the position of the jaws go back to normal.


When making a new prosthesis, please note:

  • It may take time to regain a normal chewing action.
  • The new prosthesis may press on the gums and may cause minor pain. If you have any complaints, please contact us, your prosthesis will be checked and its position will be corrected if necessary.