Tooth-jewelleries are popular with the younger generation, the purpose is to make the smile interesting. It is usually a kind, cheerful, sexy-looking, bright tiny diamante or any other tiny, precious-metal stone, which will be glued on the upper incisors or the canines.

The dental enamel should not be specially prepared or drilled for placing the tooth-jewellery. The tiny jewellery will be fixed in position, with special glue. It does not damage the enamel.


The tooth-jewellery usually lasts for half a year. The time duration depends on the position of the jewellery, the patient's eating habits, and his / her possible individual chewing habits. If the patient does not want the jewellery any more, it can be easily removed or replaced with another one.

Twinkles and Swarovski jewelleries are used.


Please note that jewelleries will not last long if the oral hygiene is poor. Before making any decision, please remember the condition of the teeth of which you would like to attract attention.