Introduction to K.S.I. Bauer Implantology

Dental implants are the modern way to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are screws that are placed within the jawbone. Due to the amazing advances in dental implant technology in recent years the procedure has gained considerable popularity.

During the implantation surgery the artificial roots are screwed into the bone to become as a substitute for the root of a tooth and they fuse together in a process known as osseointegration. This connection between the strong, own bone and the implant provides the base of the different types of tooth-replacement. These replacements can be crowns, over-dentures or implants.


Benefits of having teeth implants

In the process of making traditional dental bridges teeth are ground, they are prepared and shaped specifically, and large amount of healthy tissues are removed. This leads to the sensitiveness of the teeth, and later the necrose of them. On the other hand, in the process of implantology the artificial roots are screwed into the bone, located at a missing tooth, therefore no healthy teeth are affected around the area. A custom-made crown or bridge is fitted which represents a real tooth. Patients do not feel any strange material in the mouth, it does not change the features of the face, and speech is not affected which can occur with the traditional replacements. Crowns or bridges fitted on the top of the implants provide perfect chewing, roof of the mouth is not affected, there is no disturbing, inconvenient feeling in the mouth.


Benefits of having teeth implants in case of removable denture

When there are no own teeth left, or only one or two teeth left, the chance is relatively little to replace the missing teeth with implants, due to the atrophy of the jaw bones. But with the help of implant pillars the stability of the denture can be improved, the extension of the basic discs can be reduced. One of the most popular methods is to insert two globular-headed implants, which improves the stability of the lower denture if it tends to move from chewing or movement of the tongue. This regains normal human chewing action and always results in higher life-standard.


The K.S.I. Implantology System

K.S.I. means a one-phase implant which contains one unit, letting the concave, self-cutter helicoids work a non-shattering system resulting in no damage to connective tissue. The implant will let you bite and chew naturally instantly after the process. The K.S.I. Bauer compression screw-implant was invented by Professor Dr Ernst Bauer who had improved on it for decades before its patent. The system has been used for 25 years all over the world, several thousands of one-phase implants have been inserted. The theory has been supported by the practice.

The K.S.I. one-phase implant lets the concave, self-cutter helicoids work a non-shattering system resulting in no damage to connective tissue, during the implantation surgery.


The former implantology systems were not long term as they could not hold the replacement for many years. According to Professor Dr Ernst Bauer's theory, the reason of losing the implants early is the shape and thread of the implants themselves. During the screwing process there were small gaps left, and the compact, stable bone-tissue did not develop, even with several months healing time. The K.S.I. one-phase implant's concave, self-cutter shape compresses the bone-tissue whilst causing no damage on application. All parts of the implant contact the bone-tissue directly, leaving no gaps, implant and bone-tissue compress to one another, therefore the healing time is much shorter.

The process of implantation

After carrying out an anamnesis, a clinical mouth examination and X-ray, treatment plan is made and possible replacement methods are discussed. We will suggest the most appropriate treatment after an initial consultation with you. The radiogram shows the current condition of bone of the required implantation area. The method of the surgery is also based on the radiogram.

The first step is to prepare the area of the implant with a special drill. The diameter of the orifice is always smaller than the implant. Special screw-threads provide the immediate, stable fixing. The fixed implant can be used straight away. The implant is inserted, but its head is protruding out of the mucosa.

Patients are given a temporary replacement, which can be used on the same day. Patients are able to eat and drink carefully when the local anaesthetic wears out. In 6-7 days time your permanent implants will replace the temporary dentures.

K.S.I. screws are tissue-friendly, their adhesion to the bone tissue are excellent due to their crimping. In 80% of the cases there is no connective tissue damage. The method of inserting is not based on the age of the patient but the quality of the bone. There is no or hardly any bleeding or inflammation.

It is advised to talk to your GP before having any dental surgery, and asking advice if you suffer with blood-pressure, diabetes or take any special medication. Please notify your dentist of any surgery that you may have done. is.

Please do not drive until the local anaesthetic wears out.

Please note that we cannot offer implantology for those who grind their teeth badly at nights, those who use their teeth for breaking a walnut, those who like chewing very dry bread, or for those who use their teeth as a corkscrew.



Teeth implants require thorough daily cleaning and careful oral hygiene. Your dentist will give you all the details.

Implantology - higher life-standard

K.S.I. Bauer implants can solve the problem of tooth-replacement in a high standard, and last for many years as well. All variations of implantology provide a long-term, functional result. Most patients who have dental implant treatment at our dental practice report it as being a life changing experience giving them complete confidence to eat and smile again. We will suggest the most appropriate and most ideal treatment after an initial consultation with you, based on your individual needs.

Alpha Bio has been making and distributing dental implants for 20 years. Since 2008 the company has belonged to the Nobel Biocare.

Not much later Alpha Bio products became available in Hungary, which was beneficial for the Hungarian customers, as the Alpha Bio implants were available at a lower price, comparing to Nobel Biocare's own products.

Therefore a new implant brand has become available, which is cost-effective and its quality is the same as the Nobel Biocare products.

Developing the Nano Tec surface resulted in the great stability of Alpha Bio implants, comparing to other implants. The implant is inserted into the bone to act as a substitute for the root of a tooth and they fuse together in a process known as osseointegration, the 'building-in' process. As soon as the implant builds in, grows in the bone-tissue, it can be used as if it were an original root. The Nano Tec surface speeds up the process of osseointegration, therefore the Alpha Bio implant provides greater stability for patients, even after a short period of time.


The Nano Tec surface is sand-blasted and acid-etched, there are micro-pores on the surface in which the blood immediately starts filtering in, instantly after the insert. The adhesion of soft-tissue is much quicker, just as the healing process and the ossification.

The most popular Alpha Bio implant is the SPI spiral implant which fulfils every requirement, due to its features. The SPI spiral implant has many clinical benefits and may be inserted under complicated circumstances as well.


The greatest benefit is that the implant can be inserted in relatively little bone-tissue, as its stability and bone-condensation effect is high.

Other benefits are that it requires small diameter pre-drilling, therefore the loss of bone is much less, and the possible damage of close teeth is minimal as well.

If SPI implant is used, the direction of insert can be altered even during the surgery, hence the dentist can optimalize the direction considering the location of other implants and roots. The arch of the denture can be shaped evenly, better than ever before.

Millions of people enjoy the benefits of Alpha Bio implants all over the world. This simple treatment can give you the confidence back that comes with knowing that you have a perfect smile.

After implantation you are able to eat and smile as normal. The implant may need a couple of months for the perfect integration in the jawbone. After placing the crown onto the implant, the new tooth looks like and acts as a natural tooth. The greatest benefit of all that the process of implantation provides much greater stability than any other replacement technique.

Teeth and gums should be cleaned regularly with the usual oral hygienic methods.