Teeth grinding mouth guards


Teeth grinding mouth guards may stop joint problems of the jaws, their thickness can be controlled.

Those who suffer from milder teeth grinding, 0.4 mm mouth guard is recommended. The point here is to lift the biting a bit, and stretch the muscles. Those who suffer from severe teeth grinding, 0.6 mm and / or 1 mm mouth guards are recommended. The mouth guard covers one of the dentures completely, and will be made on the base of the individual mould, in 1-2 working days. Mouth guards for night time can also be made, even for those who have more single crowns. It is recommended for those who have ceramics to use jaw guards to reduce the likelihood of damage.







After a stressful day, if you put a mouth guard onto your teeth before going to sleep:

  • it lifts the jaws from the compressing position, frees up the teeth
  • it prevents from the further damage and erosion of teeth
  • no compression in this position